An Unexpected Helicopter Ride

Family and Lovelies:

On Tuesday, we had an appointment with Dr. Thornton to check-in on Baby Girl. Part of this appointment included an ultrasound to check my cervical length… and, well, we discovered that I have an incompetent cervix and I was just under 3cm dilated… which isn’t part of the plan when you are 23ish weeks pregnant!

My bag of waters was also starting to bulge down making it impossible for doctors to perform a cerclage (stitch) to close my cervix. The risk of my water breaking is just too high.

So, Baby Girl and I very quickly earned ourself “high risk” status, were admitted to Advocate Bromenn and transferred (hello, helicopter!) to OSF St. Francis in Peoria where we will be staying until Baby Girl arrives.

Today, we are at 23 weeks 5 days and our very first goal is to reach the 24 week mark. The GREAT news is that I am not having contractions at all, have had no cramps, pains or other signs of labor. Once we get through the next 2 days, we will have a round of steroids to help Baby Girl’s development–especially her lungs.

I must stay on complete bed rest to reduce pressure on the bag of waters… and stay pregnant as long as possible! Every hour, day and week are super important at this point.

Garrett and I are extremely hopeful and know that we are in an amazing facility! Now that we are through my initial shock, exhaustion and emotions we will try to keep everyone updated as we move towards goals.

Keep us in your thoughts… and prayers are the BEST we can all offer!  And, we’ve decided to go ahead and share her name… Jolie Elisabeth. :)

Jessica and Garrett

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